Why Us

Velometric is synonymous for mission critical, metrics driven projects that are executed diligently and delivered at a high velocity pace.  We skillfully identify and implement parameters that enhance efficiency and contribute to the successful digital transformation of our clients. Digital transformation is complex, time consuming and expensive.  But if done right, it helps improve the bottom line of the business tremendously.  “Right” is the primary key word.  Companies cannot afford to get it wrong in the first attempt as market opportunities do not last too long.  Aside from missing the window of opportunity, a failed attempt is also detrimental to the departmental budget not to mention the unwanted embarrassment of the IT department.  Our R&D lab has been created with the focus on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable business systems. We serve our clients by giving them value for money which results in client satisfaction.  Moreover, we not only think outside the box, but also stay within the circle.  We ensure that we stay within the principal parameters of the project – allocated budged, mission critical deadline and robust service delivery.

Velometric works with clients to shape and form strategies and solutions, testing innovative ideas and helping them to realise value through the implementation of new technologies.  Our digital transformation expertise is based on our experiences of delivering efficient solutions to our clients. We aim to change and transform businesses by focusing on where our clients are today, where they want to be, and what digital technology options exist to help them get there.


Due Diligence


High Speed