UI/UX Services

In the age of internet of things, user experience has become an art of storytelling much farther away from interface design to creating long lasting impressions at the end user. User driven stories has become the optimal way to pitch to executive decision makers of your organization and clients alike, a one skill that will make you stand out of your competition. Velometric helps organisations around the world build outstanding high-tech products and services for web, mobile and smart TV.

  • By generating deep insights into user behaviour.
  • By creating user centred designs based on user research.
  • By usability tests that ensure usable and persuasive designs.

With us, you go from app idea to app development faster and in a more sure-footed manner.

Following are the UX services Velometric has in store for you:

  • End-to-end User Experience Design
  • User Interface Engineering
  • Expert Analysis – Industry Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Expertise in Rapid Prototyping with Responsive Design and Service Design
  • Expertise in Designing User Experience Across Platforms for Multiple Domains
  • Agile User-centered Design
  • Digital Content Management