Test Automation

The quality assurance landscape is undergoing a major transformation as QA organizations try to align their goals with the business objectives of their companies. QA has a tough balancing act to perform — tackling business risks as well as cost reduction and ROI concerns, while building agility in their organizations to respond to business goals. Test Automation is not an option any more.

Velometric has defined proven strategies based on our knowledge, experience and expertise in implementing successful automation programs for our clients. As QA organizations work to build greater quality into applications, we are helping to adopt QA automation across all stages of the lifecycle, with the aim of overall efficiencies and ROI.

Our Services:

  • Test Automation Consulting
  • Script Development
  • Test Automation Implementation
  • Maintenance & Audit

Managed Testing Services:

Managed Testing Services has firmly caught the attention of QA Organizations. As with many other specialised IT disciplines, software testing is not one of the core business activities of most organizations. The trend towards Managed Testing Services has also been encouraged by shorter release cycles, increased test costs and repeated regression tests.

Velometric’s Managed Testing Services arm can manage all your testing needs while building and capturing best practices. We take full responsibility for your testing through the use of methodologies such as Results Based Testing and Service Level Agreements.

Our Focus:

  • Long Term Partnership
  • SLA Driven Testing
  • Outcome Based Delivery
  • Continuous Integration and Improvement