Product Development

Software product companies are beginning to realize that their core focus should be on identifying market opportunities, innovation, aligning the vision of the company with the market requirements, refining the roadmap and most important of all, marketing. Also, they have been discovering the huge advantages of outsourced product development as the product life cycle has so many critical aspects from Initial idea to a large-scale production of the final product.

Velometric’s Product Development Service is built upon our experience of Digital Transformation Services across products and platforms such as Mobile, Web and Cloud. We help product and platform organizations to take advantage of reduced risks and a shorter time-to-market. Our product consultants will engage with you to understand your current strategy, provide insights from competing products available in the market, make you aware of what the end customer needs now and what needs might arise in the future, so you can keep innovating your product.  No matter which stage your product is, Velometric will be a right match for your product development efforts.

Our Services
  •  Product Idea Planning
  •  Architecture Consulting
  • Product Sustenance and Maintenance
  • Product Development
  • Platform Modernization