Cloud Computing

Within just few years of its origin, cloud services has become the next big thing in the technology space. From being an attraction to start-ups for the savings it can offer in infrastructure set up, cloud has emerged as an alternate working model for bigger companies too. It aligns perfectly with the digital transformation experience and the flexibility with its amazing cost savings.

Velometric’s Go Cloud Service will relieve your mind of the infrastructure / platform related questions so that you can focus on your business strategy.

  • Customized To Your Business Need & Growth
  • Seamless Transition To Cloud
  • Transparent Data Management Process – No More Worry About Security
  • Perfect Blend Of Database, Programming Skills & DevOps Of Our Consultants Who Speak The Language of Cloud
  • Ongoing Support – Never Worry About Maintenance & Ever Changing Market Scenario

Our consultants will be partnering with you right from the design stage through deployment and customization to put together the right cloud service strategy tailored to your business needs. Be it a public cloud or private cloud, be assured of effective management of your business resources and secure access over multiple devices.