About Us

Digital Transformation wave is here to stay. Technology is growing at an exponential pace and those who do not adapt will find themselves at the exit door. It doesn’t matter which industry you are, the technology bug has bitten every industry on earth already. Before competitors grasp the opportunity, make the decision now to embrace technology in every aspect of your business and transform into a whole digital organisation. Velometric has been in the industry for helping our clients transform their business right from procurement, operations to taking the product to market within a short amount of time.

The age of Big Data, social media, Cloud & mobility have taken the digital space to far reaching heights. Customer has become the centre of all business transactions. The experience that your business can provide to the customer will be the success factor and this can be achieved not by digitizing one aspect of your business such as the distribution alone but by transforming every single business process, function of your including people function.

We at Velometric have experiences in working with Fortune 1000 companies. Our technology capabilities span across the digital space from Digital intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, Mobility and Application Development to Testing. Being an extended R&D wing for our clients we have been able to transform our client’s business with our innovative digital solutions and proactive approach that has resulted in our clients choosing us as a long term digital partner.